Monday, 23 January 2012

My Posts:It's all about the Body and Not About the Brain

"The media treats women like shit" - Margaret Cho

If there's a documentary you should see, this is it.

The conditioning involved in both young women and men and the misrepresentation of women in the media, basically as Margaret Cho so aptly described it, it treats us like shit. The media portrays women in such a false way that it's affecting young girls, shaping their minds. As one student in the film, named Maria states, it breaks her heart to see her younger sister self-harm because she's bullied, bullied on her looks.

What we need to do is improve media literacy amongst young people, to undo the messages that young people are sent from an early age onwards.

The media needs to also stop the degradation of not only women, but women in power. Calling out Julia Gillard (Australian Prime Minister) for her clothing choices, or her hair cut, is frankly absurd, she's running the country, she has better things to do. The same goes for Hillary Clinton, people are suggesting she be involved in some form of plastic surgery.

The point is, I really don't want my future children, male or female to live in this culture. It's disastrous to the psychological development of these children. But for now, I think more media literacy is needed to educated, and more psychological help available for young women affected by this, whether it has led to depression or anorexia.

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